Find Purpose & Balance

Let's be can be hard, especially these days! It seems like you can never work enough to make the money you need and you're never present enough to make the most of the time with your family. And self-care? Who has time for that!

This kind of thinking had me stuck and overwhelmed for far too long! Truth be told, we have the SAME hours in the day as some of our most admired celebrities and entreprenuers - we just aren't using them the same way!

Hi, I am Missy and I want to help you find joy and purpose again. I am a wife, mom of 2, pastor and president of a non-profit helping youth aging out of foster care. One of my favorite things to do is help people find their path to the life God created them for!

From social media & business consulting to life coaching, I am here to help you WIN! Ready for change? Let's chat!